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Alchemy Studio is a French ready-to-wear brand. Founded in Paris by Loïc A. Lacroix, the brand traces the evolution of contemporary art, blending streetwear inspiration with luxury codes. Our ambition is to create exceptional pieces while making them accessible. We defy convention to create unique pieces, fusing artistic diversity with the core values of precision, quality and craftsmanship.

Loïc A. Lacroix

Born in Belgium and raised in Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean, Loïc has developed a deep passion for fashion. His primary vision is to tirelessly revisit existing designs, while focusing on the quality of the product, which he considers to be the very foundation of any creation. After completing his studies in Paris, he created the Alchemy Studio label to share his unique vision of fashion and develop the pieces that were missing from his wardrobe. Passionate about music, photography and art, his work draws on multiple perspectives while adding a touch of nostalgia. For him, Alchemy Studio embodies the change and transformation of a garment over the course of a lifetime. The brand remains resolutely committed to an eco-responsible approach, a fundamental value in his eyes. Today, Loïc practices his art between the French capital and Toronto, giving him the space he needs to develop his craft.